Guild Polara Night Edition

  • $78900


Overview and Body Design

The base model in the Polara platform, which includes Deluxe, Artist Signature, and USA options above it, packs a special combination of timeless design and modern features. Built on a stripped down, no frills design approach, the Polara “Night Edition” has an ultra-light ergonomic body thanks to its contouring and minimalistic hardware package. Notably, a string-through body design transmits string resonance straight through the mahogany body delivering massive sustain and response. A diagonal string layout matches Guild’s compensated stop bar design first introduced in the early 1970s.

Mahogany Body with Ultra-Playable Set Neck Design

The Polara’s 24 ¾ scale length is familiar and friendly to all types of players. An Ebony fingerboard caps the U-shaped neck for a clean, modern look.

HB-2+ Humbucker Bridge Pickup With Alnico V Magnets

The new HB-2+ pickup is a modern extension of the coveted Guild HB-1 oversized humbucker, built in a traditional size humbucker with Alnico V magnets. This hot-wound pickup brings a variety of boutique quality tones with loads of character and voice. Uncovered black pole pieces further expand the vibe while simplified master volume and tone controls add to the Polara’s no frills and down to business design.

Tungsten "Night Edition" Finish

The “Night Edition” trim option brings a blacked-out look, including black metal headstock “Peak” logo and all-black hardware to compliment a dark Tungsten finish.

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