Why Buy From Us? Here's why....

We don't sell you instruments, we help you buy them!

We're not a big-box store and we never will be. It's not who we are. Musical instruments are very personal and each one has it's own personality.

Everything on is in-stock!

All products on are in stock! Most of our competitors list entire catalogues of products but have very few in stock. We realize that this can be very frustrating to shoppers but that's not how we roll! Everything in the world is available "special order" but that doesn't help if you want to buy it right now. If you see something you like you can come by, play it, buy it, and take it home today if you wish. None of our competitors can make that claim. Also, If an item sells, it will say "Out of Stock" and once it ships it will no longer appear on our store. 

We treat the instruments that we sell like we treat our own!

You work hard and so do we. Times are tough and everyone likes to get as much out of their money as possible. We make sure that when you buy from us, your money is well spent. That means carefully unpacking, inspecting, setting up and tuning each and every instrument before we put it on display or ship it to you. All wood instruments are alive and breathe. They absorb moisture and can dry out and crack if they're not handled and stored properly. Because of this we carefully monitor the humidity in our store year-round, even on the days we're not open. We use humidifiers to constantly maintain ideal parameters for instruments and in fact we force over 50,000 liters of water a year into the atmosphere in our store!

We stand behind everything we sell!

That is why we don't sell everything. We only sell products from the very top manufacturers. We like working with them and they love working with us. It's called harmony! They make the best products and they share our passion. We attend trade shows and training seminars. We take factory tours and talk to the engineers all the time. It allows us to better serve you. This knowledge allows us to pick out products that meet the needs of our customers and are made of quality materials and designed to last a very long time, usually a lifetime. We facilitate all warranty claims for you and if you're in a pinch we'll even loan you something from our rental department to get you through. After all, the show must go on!

We're just like you!

We're musicians too. We've all taken lessons, we've studied music in school, we play in bands, we go to concerts, we have idols and we own instruments just like you! As you can tell we're passionate about instruments and we love music. We take pride in everything we do and it shows. The Brantford Music Centre has been growing rapidly for over 35 years and we have no plans to stop!